Our Story

How Boaturu came to be.

In 2020, our founders Kent Morrison and Sebastian Ainspan sought out to rent a boat for the day. What they found shocked them. The search and booking process from start to finish was incredibly confusing and inconsistent. From struggling to navigate and compare listings across multiple sites, to payment methods and scheduling, it was clear it was time for a refresh in the boat renting industry.

After uncovering the opportunity to help develop an underserved and technologically lacking industry, we set forth to create Boaturu. After listening to renters and marinas combined, we put together the perfect rental solution for all.

Boaturu is the new way to rent boats. Our new platform gives renters and marinas alike every tool they need to find and book great experiences. It’s time to get on the water the easy way, so that all can enjoy what boating is all about.